Some photos of miniDSP and WaveFlex products

ESS9018 Dual Sharc 8 Channels Hifi DSP - Dual Controller + Dual Link Board + 9018 Output stage

Custom integration in aluminium enclosure, 2x custom Low noise PSU TPS7A4501 for digital, SjostromAudio SSR03 PSU for analog, custom PSU for control boards providing trigger/standby.

16 Channels Home Theater DSP (Dual 8x8 board) - Custom integration, custom Low noise PSU

DSP 16ch HT - Assembled viewDSP 16ch HT - Assembled rear viewDSP 16ch HT - Milling detail 1DSP 16ch HT - Milling detail 2DSP 16ch HT - Milled rear panelDSP 16ch HT - Engraved front panel

Customized 10x10HD + Dual Controller - Custom integration (Added 1xSharc in OpenDRC mode with on panel DIGI-FP + 1xminiDIGI for 8x8 board to provide SPDIF input from master sharc DSP, custom low noise regulator board for OEM wall PSU - not showed)

10x10HD + Dual Controller 110x10HD + Dual Controller 210x10HD + Dual Controller 310x10HD + Dual Controller

Custom DSP for HIFI and HF purposes. Dual Controller + 1xSharc Open DRC mode with custom Digi-Fp with USB input + 2x8 with miniDIGI for active 4 Way front speakers. 8x8 board for home theater purposes. Custom integration in HIFI2000 chassis, custom low noise PSU, strong trigger output (6 amplifiers)

Hifi HT DSP 1Hifi HT DSP 2Hifi HT DSP 3Hifi HT DSP 4Hifi HT DSP 5

Customized 4x10HD + Dual Controller

Thanks to David !

David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 1David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 2David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 3David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 4David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 5David's 4x10HD + Dual Controller 6


Custom DSP from Max (France). 3 Curryman Dac / miniSharc + Digi-Fp / Usbstreamer / Open DRC Controller WaveFlex

Rework of an existing DSP in a new enclosure. 4 Curryman Dac + Dual miniSHARC Link Board / miniSharc + Digi-Fp / Usbstreamer / Open DRC Controller WaveFlex