4x8 SPDIF MiniSharc I/O board

4x8 SPDIF MiniSharc I/O board

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Enjoy using the MiniSharc in your multi-way Digital system  !

  • 2 Stereo SPDIF isolated Inputs (Toslink or Coaxial BNC) selectable with our range of controllers using external input feature
  • On board inputs can be use in parallel with Digi-Fp to provide more inputs
  • 4 Stereo SPDIF isolated Outputs on Coaxial BNC
  • CS8416 x4 Digital transceiver
  • 48 or 96 KHz Sample rate operation (selectable with jumpers on bottom of the board)
  • 2.5 ns propagation delay DS90LV018 line receiver for the isolated SPDIF input
  • 4.6 ns propagation delay SN74LVC1G17 buffer for the optical input
  • 3.8 ns propagation delay SN74LVC245 buffer for MiniSharc I2S outputs
  • Powered by the main MiniSharc power supply input connector (No power drawn on the MiniSharc) voltage from 5v to 10v
  • Dedicated TPS77633 ultra low noise on-board regulator
  • Compact size 120x93 mm

Photos show the integration into an OpenDRC standard enclosure with Low noise power supply and OpenDRC controller . Long red wire is the source selection coming from the LCD controller.

Manual here : MiniSHARC 4x8 SPDIF I/O board PDF Manual