Caraudio DSP Low Noise Power Supply

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State of the Art Caraudio Low noise power supply for alls your DSP projects and more !

  • Switchmode SG3525 power supply for Caraudio use
  • Ultra high efficiency for cool operation
  • Multiple outputs for digital and analog preamp/DSP requirements :
    Digital supply regulated adjustable output from 5v to 12v up to 2A
      Analog supply regulated adjustable output from +/-5v to +/-15v up to 1A by rail
        • Hand wound transformer and dedicated snubber circuit
        • Remote IN and Remote OUT functionality (Remote out works with our range of controllers)
        • Vishay Ultrafast® diodes, Panasonic FR caps, Wima MKT caps
        • LM317/337 analog low noise linear regulator with advanced application
        • LM2596 digital regulator with multi-stage output filter
        • Over-current resettable protection and reverse polarity protection on power input and outputs
        • Compact size 115x80 mm, standard heigh without posts is 26.5 mm (25 mm height capacitors)
        • Designed to handle heavy DSP configuration, dual sharc + digi-fp + ESS9018 TPA Dac + controller, and 20 OPAs for analog outputs
        • Output multiplier board with on board regulator is available to produce a second different voltage for the digital output (ex : DSP with 9v, DAC with 5v)

        Manual here : PSU Caraudio PDF Manual