Single MiniSHARC link board

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Link your MiniSHARC to make a powerful custom DSP !

  • Allows you to link 1 MiniSHARC over I2S bus to an 8 channel DAC
  • Buffered 8 channel I2S output with Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo III 9018 pinout
  • Powered from the MiniSHARC 3.3v
  • I2S isolated input for external slave device
  • SPDIF Input for FPI MiniSHARC SPDIF input board / 3.3v output to power the FPI board
  • Choose between the DIGI-FP or I2S external input with jumpers :
  1. For DIGI-FP, remove P6/P7/P8 jumpers and place jumpers on LRCK/BCLK PIN14/15
  2. For external I2S input place P6/P7/P8 and place jumpers on LRCK/BCLK PIN20/21, use the I2S slave input mode of the miniSHARC